Our Philosophy

Legs of women standing near Lake Michigan in Chicago in the summer

We are the Ladies.

We work to inspire others, of all genders, to become more educated on how gender inequality affects everyday life.

We speak up when we witness physical manifestations of misogyny.

We research and analyze these experiences in an effort to build solidarity and sisterhood.

We believe that the personal is political. Our storytelling is our activism.

We value feminism as it relates to all women including but not limited to: young, old, white, women of color, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and/or gender non-conforming.

We make an effort to be aware of national and international feminist battles.

We respect women with different beliefs than our own.

We fight for her rights just as we fight for our own rights.

We understand that feminism is not black and white.

We take this on as a team.

We are the Ladies.


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