Our Leading Ladies


Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle Founder

Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle
Founder & Director

Mermaid Songbird. Tattooed Beauty. ChampionSuperstarPrincess.
Proud Mamabear of Obvi. Sarcastic, But Rarely Caught Without A Smile On.

Twitter: @marykateopeia

Madelaine Walker Contributor Photo

Madelaine Walker
Chief of Staff & Managing Editor

Anthropology enthusiast, bookworm & couch potato. In search of a life I’ll be proud to recount in old age. Motto: Do no harm, but take no shit.

Twitter: @ButchrOfOlduvai  

Alison Burdick Contributor Photo

Alison Burdick-Evenson
Contributor, Social Media Manager

Digital Marketer. Self-Proclaimed ‘Bad-ass bitch’. Devoted Shopaholic. “You-Shouldn’t-Do-That” Type Thrill Seeker. Wanna-Be-Nomad. Known as the obnoxious feminist friend. Likely to steal someone’s puppy. Lives by the Motto “Death Before Decaf.”  Biding my time until a secret government agency recruits  me to be their double agent.

Twitter: @burdicae


Colleen O’Connor
Contributor, Merch Queen

Artist. Writer. Feminist. Wizard.

Twitter: @co_rae_oconnor 

Jordan's pic2-01

Jordan White
Copy Editor

Editor. Writer. Passionista. Coffee Addict. I Love Fridays Like Kanye Loves Kanye. Motto: Obviously, yes. 

Twitter: @JDubbyuh

Sarah Maguire Contributor Photo

Sarah Maguire
Contributing Editor

Public Health guru specializing in sexual and women’s health issues. Usually spend my free time at dive bars, eating cheese, or in, on, or around large bodies of water.

Jenika McCrayer
Contributing Editor

Feminist, activist, writer, and horror movie aficionada. She’s currently trying to lose her Virginia drawl in NYC.

Tweets nice things @JenikaMc

Molly Geoghegan OWTL Contributor

Molly Geoghegan 
Contributor, Social Media Manager

Dedicated savory brunch fan and lover of all things French and film. Her only regrets are that she never knows the lyrics to songs and will always remain a Muggle. A true grandma at heart. Twitter: @Polly_Maggoo11

Contributor: Erin Bouwma

Erin Bouwma
Founding Editor

Loves friends, family, reading, karaoke, bad television, peanut m&m’s, and writing.
More or less in that order. Never be embarrassed of your Tinder, we all have one.