Say Their Names

I look up and there you are, falling into the abyss 
I see you 
I reach my arm towards you but you’re too far
I run closer and look up and there you are, falling into the abyss 
I see you 
I reach my arm towards you but you’re too far
I run closer and scream for help 
They stare and watch me
One hand on their heart, eyes reminiscent of wet round bowls –
Hollow and empty,
Taunting me 
I’m still reaching for you, stumbling
I feel it in my bones, you’re slipping away 
But there is still time – you can be saved 

My chest is hurting, vision blurred  
My face smothered in the salt from the tears 
That I have cried for you, so many like you 
More have gathered, gawking 
Their fragile faces 
A mixture of rage, and guilt, with eyes
Filled with a certain aloofness
Someone breaks through arm reaching out 
Someone heard me, someone sees us
I notice she looks like me, her skin reflecting off the sky a golden bronze  

I look ahead I’m almost at the end
I’m so close to you, I have a better look at you now, 
Your skin bruised yet a deep rich umber, same as my mother
You’re tall just like my father
So many details from the scar on your arm to your bald head
I see my brothers 
I do not know you, yet you are my family 
You’re mouthing “ My name is___”
Your tears trail off your cheeks and leave a line of droplets floating
A trail to find you

I look back to scream your name
My throat is raw, vocal cords shredded from the cries 
Cries of help, 
Cries for you, 
They must know your name
There are more people now, from all shades 
Breaking through
Reaching out in a single file 

My heart is so heavy
My lungs are burning – contracting; filling with smoke 
My legs won’t stop buckling, tumbling but I must keep going forward 
Stopping isn’t an option – running out of time
There’s no more land to run on, you’re right there 
I step back and leap towards you 

Their voices boom past me 
It’s too late 

I reached you
In my mind & heart,
I knew I saved you 
Your hand in mine, red eyes locked,
We’re floating in darkness 
We are  not alone, there are thousands of us
Just floating 
I look out and the mass of gawkers are still there; 
The line is growing 
I spent all my time, every breath to save you 
For the masses to see you, know your name

I tried to save you and in the end, I joined you
Just as you have joined them 
Now we float together mouthing 
Our names in hopes that the masses 
Will hear and the line won’t eventually 

Say their name

Brandy Lewis : 23-year-old with a 55-year-old soul, trapped in an 80-year-old body still trying to figure it out. Music Junkie. Wannabe fashionista. Enjoys sharing her handicap perks with her friends and family.