Thank You Notes To Pop Queens

This is the first installment in a series of Thank-You note poems by the author

Thank-You Note For Demi Lovato

It’s hard to say what hasn’t yet been said!
You inspire, your voice makes my heart soar
You’ve died and survived, thrived, rose and bled
You give us everything; we ask for more.
My friend has a funny story that’s true
His version: “Demi said: see me on Barney”
(He went to a Dallas daycare with you!)
“And by God, that boss bitch booked Barney”
Sometimes I worry if you’re taking care
You’ve just been working your entire life!
I hope you have genuine friends to spare
You’ve already endured a lifetime’s strife.
I hope people are giving just as they take
I hope you are loving yourself, for all our sakes.

Thank-You Note To Lady Gaga

Because, just like you, it happened to us.
Before the men gave statements feigning shock,
while they laughed at us for lacking trust,
while we greased the lock on Pandora’s box.
You took a stand right on their own stages–
where creepy get voted to victory,
you grabbed the book and wrote new pages!
The art of your survival has made history.
Your success intimidated your men,
and hearing that made me feel less alone
Let’s not apologize, never again
for coming into power all our own
You’re a monster mom and a friend to me
I’m so excited for all you’ll be

Thank-You Note To Ms. Kesha

Girl, sometimes it’s hard to accept your love–
hearing “Bastards” feels too good to be true.
I bask in your brightness, to be a glove!
Don’t you know how much survivors love you?
I revel in the beauty of your art,
I catch stories of keyboards and I glow–
each track’s a different greeting of the heart.
How we’ve danced to your drums you’ll never know!
But I wish you didn’t have this to bear
Even though your storm became our rainbow,
this burden I never would wish to share
When we sing along, I hope you see your own
See your blossoms in our family tree
We sing your hymns for all that we could be