Voice Your Complaints Here

Julee-Back-Plants-Abandoned-Building-West-Loop Photo : Rachel Mandel

Why not lash out when my lips are so beautiful when they snarl?
& who is to stop my tongue from dispensing a deserved lashing?
Don’t dismiss a quick comeback for something that is not intended to be said.
Time is not a cage for my words when I’m defending
My own honor.
& if not me, then who?

I believe in self defense and that comes in forms beyond physical assault.
No you do not get to say who I am
While I sit still and proper,
A mannequin to be dismantled by others when it’s convenient for them.

No, I’m the poet of my own prose,
The artist of my twisted path,
Blotted and smeared, an abstract masterpiece.
Don’t call me an acrobat,
I will not bend over backwards to be like you and
there’s no tightwire under my toes,
I’ve never needed a net to catch me when I fall
because I’ll embrace my mistakes full force.
Impact with no airbags.
I’d rather feel the pain of my decisions
Than the numbness that comes with letting others dictate my
Moral compass
until all I do is walk in circles
Around someone else’s feelings.

What about my feelings?

Who is looking out for the tough girls?
Let me applaud the
fuck-it-I’ll-do-it-myself girls,
the I-wish-a-bitch-would girls,
the I.am.still.not.sorry girls
And the no. I won’t calm down, girls.

No one is better than someone else for suffering in silence.
This is my scream of agony for all the women who have been told we’re
For simply standing up for ourselves.

This poem is for me taking my own voice back.

Alison Burdick Contributor Photo
Alison Burdick | Digital Marketer. Self-Proclaimed ‘Bad-ass bitch’. Devoted Shopaholic. “You-Shouldn’t-Do-That” Type Thrill Seeker. Wanna-Be-Nomad. Known as the obnoxious feminist friend. Likely to steal someone’s puppy. Lives by the Motto “Death Before Decaf.” Biding my time until a secret government agency recruits me to be their double agent.