My Good Friend Ana

long-dark-hair-bare-shoulder-body-image Image : Unsplash

I have made a friend today
She has beauty in every way;

Pure, empty, and so frail
I’m jealous of all that she entails.

She will never leave my side
Until her rules I do abide.

Disguised as an angel, so I would trust her
A promise of perfection she did assure.

Mind, body, reflection are no longer mine;
Her control becomes stronger with passing time.

A loss of friends, a loss of family
Through the darkness she leads me blindly.

I fear no matter how far I flee
She will always hold the reins on me,

Reminding me all that I am not,
I am one she has begot.

Her anger leaves me trembling
Yet her love seems everlasting.

She promised to never leave my side,
In my head she will reside.

My beauty and happiness are now gone I’m afraid,
Because I have made a friend today.

by Katie