White Room

Photo : Unsplash

these 4 walls
white sterile walls
slowly closing in on me
monitors beeping out of sequence
footsteps echo in the halls
there are no windows
just these ugly-ass walls
I wonder what outside is like
I’ve forgotten what fresh air smells like
I’m stuck here in these 4 walls

they say if these walls could talk what would they say
they would whisper out
arrogance, malpractice, discrimination, egotism
all lie within these 4 walls
the tears that have been shed,
the bodies that bled
some were healed others were ignored
please let me out of these 4 walls

I’m screaming but no one can hear me
I’m dying why don’t you believe me
I no longer recognize who I used to be
outside of
these 4 walls

just don’t let me die in these 4 walls.