Independence Day

There is no freedom here.

You hostile state.
I will not celebrate while you incarcerate.
An empty plate slid across the floor
under a door of metal bars.
Children scarred and scared,
wholly unprepared
to defend themselves,
represent themselves in a court of law.

Here lies our flaw:

We refuse to believe.
We only perceive ourselves as American.
“This is un-American!”
Wake up my friend. This is us—again.
Not the first time, we built ourselves on crime.
Crimes against humanity.
Cards played against humanity, dealt by privileged hands.

Do. Not. Misunderstand.
“Legal” does not mean “just”

Public distrust
and fear-fueled hatred.

Close all the gates.

Tread lightly in the dark.

Tread lightly if you’re dark.

Don’t breathe on the fire.
Don’t trip on the wire.

Set up to fail if not
white and male.


Home of the brave,
built by a slave.
Land of the free,
if you (can) pay the fee.
Punished for kneeling,
a day off for stealing a country.
This country.


Red win
White skin
Blue brutality
Independence, a formality.

Again, I repeat again, on screen again, and again in the street, again:

There is no freedom here.

Sarah Elabdi : Obvi Board Member who stands to serve Ladies around the world, has a passion for justice and equality that runs rivers through her lineage.