You’re My Own Love Allegory

I struggle to find the words,
You’ve blown my world
My heart is stirred
My mind is blurred
Let me confess,
It’s all excess
I can’t express
I feel obsessed
Don’t be impressed
Don’t be oppressed
Don’t be upset and it will be a great success,

I’m euphoric,
It’s fantastic and clitoric
Enigmatic orgasm phantasmagoric,
I can’t describe it
As so hard my heart beats,
I want to spit it
I want to scream it
‘Cause this time I won’t flee,
A warm wind of a chimeric reality
Makes me suddenly lose my austere hostility

This electricity makes me dizzy
I feel slippy, you feel sticky
It burns in the chimney
I can’t dismiss this
It’s the bliss of just a kiss
An abyss of happiness
There’s no fake, we won’t fail,
I’ve got faith, we won’t fade,
I’m dreaming, but awake,
It’s a gleaming on the way.

This melody of an erotic sensibility
Melted in a hilarious complicity
Push me to declare my obvious secrecy,
So forgive my sissy impudicity
Of my rash rap in this wild world of un-privacy
To tell you with all my weird vocabulary
That you’re my own love allegory.


Agathe Rochet OWTL Contributor
Agathe Rochet : Feminist. Sexuality and relationship writer. Punk & Football addict. Forensic psychology enthusiast. Singer (even if nobody likes it except me).