An Elegy For Ms. Heather Heyer

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Oh love,

I’m so sorry you had to leave so soon.

I’m so grateful you ran into the breach.
I hope we recover from losing you.
I know you have so much left to teach.

I’m so sorry you had to care so much.
I’m so sorry you had to feel so deep.
I’m so sorry this world wasn’t enough.
I’m so sorry we never got to meet.

I’m so grateful your Mom raised you right.
I’m so grateful you never lost your fight.
I’m so grateful that you ran to a riot.
I’m so grateful your light was there that night.

I hope we make this world better.
I hope we make you so proud of us.
I hope we do it all together.
I hope we’re worthy of your trust.

I know that we can’t lose our light.
I know that we can’t lose this fight.
I know that I can’t let you down.

You said it in your final post:
If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention.
So I know the time to act is now.


Cathy Muskett