I Am A Silk Worm and You Are A Metal

a silkworm sitting on a mulberry leaf Image : pexels.com

One week ago I crawled onto a mulberry leaf
A space where there was sunlight and I
would be comfortable for some time. I knew
to work hard and to produce something I
could be proud of and show you because if you
were finally going to see what I was capable of what I
could spin and spin if you just gave me
some time but instead you
think 9 hours is hard work and I
think 9 days is hard work but my
mother reminds me of her
9 months and you

you come home today and wait to inhale my breath
you turn blue as I feel the sun
the air moistens to feed me
I swell and bronze and spin
and you scream
finally you scream.

9 hours pass and you produce
I remain without
But I spend my day with
belief and trust that the sun will
rise. I will spin and create but
I just need you to wait.
I need you to steady your breath
“Our breath!” you scream
you reassure me
that we are a unit and this machine
will need an equilibrium and speed

I allow 5 mornings and evenings to pass
Mulberry remains intact and my product
is tail-made and soft and pesticide-
free I come home proudly and to please
and our home is filled to the brim. It has been sixty
three fucking hours. You are rusty
and have proof of every minute and second
and have measurements of all of your time
You will never leaf this house again, you sigh.

You quiver as you remember I hold your breath

Will get into a street fight and cry to a Coke commercial in the same hour.