International Women’s Day And The Women Around Me

women-graffiti-standing-faded-legs Photo : Alanna Bagladi

I work from home which means, aside from my dog, I am entirely alone for about a third of every day. But on International Women’s Day or A Day Without A Woman, I felt anything but solitude.

I love to look to celebrities and historical figures for inspiration. I credit Gilda Radner for my love of comedy. I admire Cheryl Strayed for sharing her journey so honestly. I’m grateful to Beyoncé for including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s talk in her work as Adichie’s talks have helped to define my feminism. 

But yesterday, as I saw posts, messaged fellow girl boss babes and listened to power jams, I took stock of the inspirational women directly around me and could not help but be grateful for these many empowered and passionate people already in my life.  

In Ireland where I lived last year, it remains a crime for a woman to receive an abortion. Very cleverly, there was a March to Repeal this 8th Amendment on March the 8th. I am so proud of the Irish women I know that showed up and stopped traffic in Dublin during this Strike for Repeal.   

I’m inspired by the women I’ve met through America’s resistance and reconnections I’ve made at rallies.

I’m grateful to the friends who dragged me to my first rally in Chicago.

I’m grateful for my pals in science and engineering, pioneering their way through male-centric fields.

I’m proud to know the creators of KnowNo project, a campaign promoting consent and awareness of sexual assault on school campuses. 

I’m grateful to the friends who have challenged me, recommended books, or sent me a quote in a time of need.

I’m grateful to the friend who taught me how to un-match someone on Tinder and to outright tell a fuckboi when he’s being a fuckboi.

I’m grateful to women who sing and dance loudly in bars and wear their heart on their sleeve.

I’m grateful to my aunts in Chicago for proving family and friendship are not mutually exclusive.

I’m grateful to my mom for raising me.

And I’m damn proud and grateful to be a part of Obvi, a group that provides a space for my own and other women’s voices.

Sure, days like this—posting on social media and using Snapchat filters—are often written off as unproductive. It is not necessarily activism to post a nice quote on Facebook. But I think that, especially in a political climate where it feels like your voice is continually being silenced, there is nothing more powerful than to feel that you as an individual are part of a larger whole.

Because that’s what we are, we women. We are a force. We are magnificent. Let us continue to speak up, speak out, and be advocates for those around us.

Molly Geoghegan Contributor Photo
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