About This Lady : Jenika McCrayer

How do you pronounce your name?

Juh-knee-cuh Mick-cray-ur

What’s your weirdest, useless skill?

I can take a 3 hour nap no matter the time of day.

What is your go-to mid-night snack/comfort food?


Who is your celebrity crush?

I’ve had the biggest crush on Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs since the 8th grade. She’s a beautiful, wacky, and immensely talented woman.

What was your best Netflix binge?

House Hunters and Tiny House Hunters. Best drinking game: drink every time a person says they’re looking for a house with “character.” For Tiny House Hunters: drink every time they complain about how tiny the house is.

What is your biggest irrational (or rational) fear?

House of Cards made me fearful of standing too close to the edge of the platform in the subway.

What was your favorite high school extracurricular?

Going home at the end of the day.

Tell us something you’re looking forward to in the next year?

My partner and I are planning a trip to Tokyo! Here’s hoping Tr*mp doesn’t fuck that up!

Describe your perfect date?

I’ve been in a great relationship for 3 years now, so my idea of a perfect date is very specific.

A perfect date for is for us to have dinner at our favorite Dim Sum restaurant, playing a few rounds of Drag Queen Bingo at one of my favorite bars, and then ending the night splitting a sundae at Big Gay Ice Cream.

Who is the woman who inspires you most?

My mother is pretty bad ass. Due to recent and terrifying events, I’ve been thinking of all the sacrifices she made coming to this country 30 years ago so that her children could have a better life. She’s always encouraged me to put school first, and to never compromise on my dreams. My mom’s also to thank for my temper and colorful vocabulary. Love you, mom!

What is your dream job?

I want to start an organization that supports first generation students through college. I’m the first in my immediate family to finish college, and it was difficult for various reasons. And just like me, most first generation students come from vulnerable and historically disenfranchised communities. I want to give them skills, literature, supplies, mentorship, and anything else I can think of so that they succeed.

When was a time you felt most complete?

I feel complete whenever my partner and I are being really silly with each other, or when I’m able to make time with friends either in person or via phone, text, or email. As an anxious person, some challenges I face or even the monotony of daily life can seem unrelenting. But it helps to find moments that are grounding–where you feel present and you’re not thinking about what you need to get done, or what you’ve done wrong. I’m lucky to have a support system in my loved ones so that I’m able to enjoy many moments where I feel complete.