The Year is Over


The year is over.
I spent the first half of these 365 days
Drowning in self pity,
trapped in a “relationship” I thought I’d never
get out of,
silenced by those around me,
numbing myself.

The year is over.
I spent the last half of these 365 days
shedding old skin,
freeing myself of doubt and people who
sought only to control me,
learning about myself,
falling in love with my surroundings,
my friends,

The year is over.
How sad,
How great.


The year is over,

but I am not.
And with another rising of the sun,

I have just begun.


Marissa De La Cerda : Fast-talking, film loving Latina with a deep abiding love for pugs, Queen, and screenwriting. Striving to speak, verbally and visually, for those who have been silenced by different systems of oppression.