Some of My Favorite ‘Girls’ Moments

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Lena Dunham’s show, Girls, recently wrapped filming on its sixth and final season. Let’s consider that for a moment.

The show was not without controversy – everything from problematic sex scenes to realistic portrayals of diversity became thought piece fodder. But I still watched and really, really enjoyed the show. I appreciated the messiness of the characters and how interactions between them could be poetic. Not only that, but the music and costumes were generally fantastic. Below I compiled some of my favorite moments from the five seasons, so far, of the show.

Marnie reunites with Charlie –  That Ellie Goulding song in the end!

Every often season or so, there was an episode that stood outside of the story arch and progress of the season. The episode in season 5, “The Panic in Central Park”, where Charlie and Marnie finally reconnect was so special for that reason – we got an answer to their relationship and in a sense, some closure. It wasn’t a happy episode that neatly wrapped up, but the sadness wasn’t empty. I felt some possibility for Marnie after she got to see her first love one last time. I am also 100 percent enamored with the Ellie Goulding song that plays during the final moments of the episode – it’s melancholy in a way that makes me feel understood.

Tally Scrifin

A recurring guest character, Tally at first seemed competitive and condescending to Hannah and her friends. But her appearance later in the series was exactly like reconnecting with someone and realizing that while you might only have past experiences in common any more, it’s still nice to be around someone and not have to explain your whole backstory.

Hannah’s Speech at The Moth

This was a great monologue, period. I loved that it kept with the theme of season five – with the characters progressing and finally seeming to follow their passions a little more seriously. Hannah’s speech about her feelings of jealousy was complex and I related to striving for some semblance of personal growth while taking your time with it. It also brought to my attention that “in perpetuity” is a lovely way to end a correspondence.

Jessa and Adam Leave Mimi-Rose and Ace

Even though they were two pretty minor characters, Ace and Mimi-Rose were welcomed as vibrant, almost grating artists that clearly bewitched Jessa and Adam (that’s a compliment, trust me). I thought their final interaction as two couples was so interesting because while it seemed like it could have been a simple resolution, all parties involved seemed to make an uneasy personal decision that left everyone pretty unsatisfied. Feeling the needs that Adam and Jessa so clearly have shown, even briefly, was a beautiful moment for two such guarded and tough characters.

Hannah and Marnie dance it out.

It’s the scene that renewed so many viewers’ passion for Robyn and her perfect song, “Dancing on My Own”. It also showed how much of a support system Marnie and Hannah had in each other as roommates. Coming home after two equally strange night’s-out, both of them just know exactly what to do and are there for the other. It’s lovely.

Amy Schumer’s final scene

Amy Schumer was briefly on Girls by way of the character Angie, a friend of Adam’s season two girlfriend, Natalia. In her last scene, she and Natalia confront the now-together Adam and Hannah in Grumpy’s and end with a line that has so much gumption that I aspire to say it one day, “…and we are NOT paying the check!” Although, on the real, I would probably never do that. Also, can we recognize the fact that Amy Schumer was on this show?

‘One Man’s Trash’

I really liked this episode in season 2. There wasn’t a specific moment but it stood alone in that it was limited to Hannah and her impulsive hook-up with Joshua, a stupid-handsome doctor that is new to Brooklyn. Time seems to stand still as the two quite literally frolic in his brownstone over a few days and once the magic is gone, it’s gone. Hannah leaves and just goes back to her life – sometimes encounters are truly meant to be that fleeting.

Adam’s growth

While it’s not a single moment, I liked watching Adam grow over the seasons of the show. He truly seemed like the worst sort of not-boyfriend you have in college and your mid-twenties. But seeing him get more serious about himself and his acting showed he wasn’t a complete deadbeat. I also found his blunt and sort of unorthodox manner of speaking charming, in a way.  

Hannah and Adam’s first “break up”

After some dubious at best eyebrow styling from her coworkers, Hannah goes to Adam’s to end things. Her speech flows into something that I 100 percent have fantasized about saying and I think sums up a thoroughly modern dating philosophy: “I don’t even want a boyfriend, so…I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time, and thinks I’m the best person in the world, and wants to have sex with only me.”

I mean…do I even need to post it? Obvi.

It goes without saying but still needs to be here. If for no other reason than to be remembered of the fantastic weirdness and enthusiasm of Shoshana Shapiro.

Katharine Donohoe : lives and works in Virginia. She (sometimes) has very little chill but enjoys the simple things like GChat, Trader Joe’s frozen snacks, and listening to a healthy amount of podcasts.