Totally Honest Dating Profile | Katharine

My dating experience before college is minimal, at best. After graduating, I moved back to my hometown and once I was settled in a ‘real job,’ I had the capital idea to try some online dating apps. From that decision, I had the experience of being dumped over text more than once by guys that hadn’t been my boyfriend and always wanted to “see where things go.” Cool.

Since then, I’ve dabbled in online dating again but am also being pretty content doing my own thing, which includes listening to “Lemonade” on repeat and maybe staying in on a Friday night. I’m not looking for casual because truthfully, I can’t handle that right now. Ideally, we’d actually get to know each other first and anything romantical would follow. I want to try some more ‘proper’ dating for a change!




Arlington, Virginia




I’m a DC-area local that’s working on no longer suffering fools lightly. I work in tech and acknowledge that it’s not always the most ‘woman-friendly’ environment – so I’m looking for someone that wants an equal partnership. Spending time with my family and friends are a priority to me, as is my own wellness – I’m sensitive but can be brutally sarcastic, fun, and willing to give something a try. Most things are worth the effort at least once, right? 😉


Seltzer water, podcasts, athleisure wear, using sheet masks, and exercising every once in awhile. I also like going on long walks, food trucks, and Netflix original programming. Those are just a few that come to mind at first!


Cooking and learning how to do that better, current events (even if it can be dreary these days), long-form journalism, feminism and any type of feminist media, great music, and generally learning more about all those things. Also, I’m just really interested in figuring out how I can live my best life and yes, I have bought ‘O’ magazine to pursue that.


The phrase, “let’s just see where this goes”. I struggle with the casual, non-committal trend that seems to be so popular amongst millennials. I logically understand playing the field and not getting attached, really I do, but there’s something hurtful about it. Being blase about things can be okay, but there’s also nothing wrong with being authentic and upfront about your feelings.


Katharine Donohoe : lives and works in Virginia. She (sometimes) has very little chill but enjoys the simple things like GChat, Trader Joe’s frozen snacks, and listening to a healthy amount of podcasts.

Our Totally Honest Dating Profiles are inspired by the #ByeFelipe podcast and its hosts, Alexandra Tweten & Eileen Beard.