I thought I left you in good hands
He said he did his best & gave you all his efforts but
There were too many weeds overcrowding your garden
He trampled you

You no longer look to the sky
You poor wilted flower
What happened
Your petals are browning as they fall
Roots are brittle
Foundation dry and cracked

All is not lost
What you were before can be restored
Your border has been built
I am here
Down on my hands and knees digging your bed
The soil is rich
Now you can drink

This will not be an easy journey
The hard work and dedication will show
You will sprout new buds
Your roots will be secure
When the wind blows you will stand strong
Hold your own
Your face pressed to the clouds
Soaking in the sun
Swaying with the breeze
Hummingbirds and bees hovering by
Just the way you always dreamed
I can’t wait to watch you Bloom


Brandy Lewis : 23-year-old with a 55-year-old soul, trapped in an 80-year-old body still trying to figure it out. Music Junkie. Wannabe fashionista. Enjoys sharing her handicap perks with her friends and family.