Couple-on-path-flowers Photo by Alanna Bagladi

Ekphrasis poem inspired by the song Patience by the Lumineers. 

The sun streaked through the curtains
painting over the white duvet
as their limbs stayed tangled beneath
last night’s sleep.

Summer always brought the fully blossomed flower;
honeymoon staged lovers
couldn’t get enough of one another—

Enough of the long glances
across a table full of loved ones,
shoveling wedding cake into their mouths
over hushed small talk about
the bride and groom.

Enough of first dances
and that slow, soft kiss
that silenced the entire world
just for a moment
as they stood at the altar—

Enough of the easiness that came with
a week spent away from the
realities of the lives left on pause
so that a love could come full term
on its own time
in the solitude of two lovers.

More love, more time.
More of each other.

The room stayed still
as the woman awoke first,
gazing up at the wood paneled ceiling.

Her chestnut hair sprawled out against
the stark whiteness of the pillow her
and her husband’s head lay against.

His eyes stayed shut,
yet he was awake too.

His mind filled with
the vision of her hair tied up,
brown eyes glued to his
as she walked down that isle
white flowing behind her.

A sweet inhale,
a silent exhale and she turned her body
over to face his.

Gently, as if not to wake him.

She lay,
replaying their love.

He lay,
replaying their love.


Their eyes met.


They had come home
tipsy off life
drunk off each other.

There they lay,
untouched by the unknown
dancing with the daylight,
the beginnings.


Becky Harrison Contributor Photo
Becky Harrison : Certified klutz, free spirited, go-get-em goof ball. Loves writing poetry and the beach. Strong believer in bucket lists.