Heathcliff, it’s me, Kate B!

Kate Bush Image : mtv.com

During my first few months of college, I quickly received the reputation as the girl from Texas with an unbelievable penchant for Pabst Blue Ribbon and Nirvana. This identity followed me until the middle of my junior year on “that November night”.

I was facing the consequences and rewards of my volunteer-happy spring semester when I had become an officer of almost every club I was involved in, including the oldest and largest environmental organization at my university — I was the social chair. I had planned a bar crawl for the first Wednesday night in November that, of course,  included a stop at karaoke night.

Lucky for us, we had arrived early enough for the majority of our group to sign up to sing multiple songs. A group of my friends signed up for a song from an artist that I had never heard. I had no idea at that time how their choice of karaoke song would change my life.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!

Even though the sounds of my friends trying to imitate the high-pitched, otherworldly, British wails, I heard the song that changed my life and shook the reputation I had latently built. I quickly searched the lyrics to the song praising Emily Bronte’s work and promised myself to listen to it fully the next day.

I learned that she was discovered at nineteen with already more than a hundred songs of her own and the first female artist to hit number one with a self-written song in the UK. She had a decades-long career and was a source of inspiration for St. Vincent and other artists I already loved.

Her music and videos changed the world (and my life) despite her slight obscurity. All I knew was I wanted to sing and dance along to songs just like the videos for the rest of my life. Kurt Cobain had been dethroned in my heart and I had become an even more dangerous driver (sorry, mom!).

It’s been over six months since my discovery and my love for Kate Bush has only grown. My friends are probably tired of me singing or playing her songs every time they’re in my car but I don’t care. Kate makes me feel empowered, happy, and even more confident with my singing voice. There’s even a watch on Etsy I’ve been eyeing with her likeness on its face which I will probably be purchasing soon. I’m a fan and I’m most definitely not afraid to show it. If only I could find “The Kick Inside” on vinyl.


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