blonde woman in colorful skirt standing with light shining on her Photo : Rachel Mandel

Is that what life is then?

Waiting in the moments

between seconds

for someone you can’t love

to give you a sign?

What has your heart been reduced to?

A contaminated, scattered dust particle

of the rubble remaining

after total destruction

of faith?

There has to be more than slowly creeping


of the things that make you happy.

You must not give up

on the brilliant potential you once believed in.

The whisper of possibilities

in every encounter.

Do not make yourself small for a man

whose heart is not strong enough

for a woman with your will

to live on the edge

of everything you can see

You must remain someone who teeters on

the brink of complete and utter


Because you know beyond the haze

of wreckage

still lies something



Alison Burdick Contributor Photo
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