What Carrie Bradshaw Taught Me

Carrie-Bradshaw-sex-and-the-city Photo : HBO

Sex and the City is my all-time favorite show. I began watching in High School and although I didn’t have a subscription to HBO, I took my money to the local movie store and rented one season each weekend, thus beginning my T.V. binge watching obsession. As many young girls do I immediately latched to the personality of Carrie Bradshaw. She was beautiful, stylish, loyal and fearless, an instant heroine for my high school aged self. Little did I know that this fictional character would come to teach me a lot about myself.

First of all, Carrie taught me what real friendship looks like. Although she and her friends get into fights they always show up for one another. As a young adult it is so hard to let go of friendships that aren’t healthy or to be honest you’ve just outgrown. But watching Sex and the City showed me that true friendships grow and evolve with you and that letting go of toxic relationships will only improve the meaningful ones.

Another lesson learned is that love is important but it shouldn’t rule your life. I fell in love with my husband when I was only sixteen years old. In the beginning I neglected my life, ditched my friends, waited for him and cried when he made plans with his friends and not me. I was, in a word, ridiculous but I was also very young. At that moment, this relationship was all I could see. As I grew and as our relationship grew, I realized that the other things I wanted in life were still very important. I could have a career, friends, and love. Life really can be a have your cake and eat it too kind of thing, you just have to work at it.

When Carrie gave everything up for Petrovsky and moved to Paris. she neglected herself, her work, and her fans. I didn’t want that to happen to me, because in the end not only would I suffer but my significant other would as well. I began to take control of my own responsibilities like school, work, and friendships. I believe that I have become a much better person for it. I love my husband but his life and his career do not define who I am, they simply enhance it.

The final thing that Carrie Bradshaw taught me is to love myself and my style. I have always felt self-conscious about the way I look, the clothes I wear, etc. I thought I was too quirky looking or that the clothes I liked were too much for everyone else’s tastes. Watching Sex and the City and seeing Carrie’s style and beauty evolve helped me realize that what I looked like was not for everyone else, it was for me.

This lesson of self love is possibly the most important one, not only because I gained confidence but because I was able to embrace myself and really get to know who I was. When you learn to love yourself you not only improve your outlook on life, you gain better, healthier relationships with others. Sex and the City may have been a fictional show and Carrie Bradshaw a fictional character but the lessons they taught me are definitely real.

Colleen Seambos : Mother of Dachshunds, Obsessed with Harry Potter, Tattoo Enthusiast, Artist, Professional, Loud Mouthed Irish, Buckeye Football Fanatic, Proud Toledoan, Lover of Husband