My Lips Are Sealed.

couple-doorway-serene-thinking Photo : Alanna Bagladi

I’d never tell you

but there’s a certain clarity to your eyes,

one I cannot seem to find in my own life;

the hue is ever changing

but I always find a place I like to call home–


I’d never tell you

your constant laughter echoes in my ears

I see your lips curving upward,

head thrown back

eyes shut

my mind has every moment on replay.


I’d never tell you

I feel your kiss on my forehead and

hear hushed whispers,

your thumbs gliding underneath my eyes

wiping away tear by tear

towering over me–

memories drag me out of bed on the hardest mornings.


I’d never tell you

that short breaths

and goosebumps

trail down my spine with

longing knocks on my door

night after night,

I want you home.


I’d never tell you

that beautiful has never left a stronger impact

than when it is has come from between your lips and that

safe has never held a stronger meaning

than it has when you held me tight between your arms.


I’d never tell you

that there’s solidarity about the future

when time passes by quickly

between soft glances

and smooth fingertips.


I’d never tell you

that even though I’ve always been good with words

and someone that takes a risk

that sharing feelings

for someone that is so far away

and so closed off

is so painful.


I’d never tell you

that my loss for words

and loss for risk

solely rests in the palm of your hands.


You’re all over me.

and I’ll never tell you.