Café Deja Vu

Drinks-Dinner-Fruity-Water-Table Photo : Alanna Bagladi

The evolution of relationship distractions began with the radio. That led to the television, then onto the computer, and now we’re at mobile devices. This isn’t a piece bashing technology or griping about how we’re too attached to our phones. After all, we’re living in the digital age of immediacy. Technology is everywhere and we’ve developed the need to have constant connection to different types of media, regardless of the device. I even wrote the first draft of this post on my phone while cuddling in bed.

So, let’s back track to the summer of 2014. I was still struggling to get over a bad break up that I just couldn’t shake. As I walked down the street, I passed a café and in the window I saw a couple waiting for their food. The boy was looking across the table at his girlfriend with such admiration. She on the other hand had her face glued to her phone, scrolling through what I presumed to be Instagram or Facebook. I remember feeling my heart ache for them, the girl in particular.

That may sound odd, but all I could think about was how sad it was that she was missing out on something special. In that moment, to him she was all that mattered. Unfortunately, she was too focused on whether or not someone’s eyebrows were on fleek to notice. And it’s not because she didn’t care, at least I hoped. It was because she thought it was just an ordinary dinner, a dinner that would happen again and again. For her, there was no fear of missing out.

I remember that feeling. I remember thinking we’d always be together, that we’d always have tomorrow until the day there weren’t any more tomorrows left. When that day comes, you look back on the moments where things went wrong. You also reminisce on the good times and wish you had cherished every second you had with your former love. It’s so interesting how loss can trigger love.

Who knows what actually happened between that couple. She may have put down her phone and looked into the eyes of the one she loved. And they could’ve had a nice, intimate dinner. Maybe something entirely different happened. I only know them through the small glimpse of a similar past through a café window. However I will always remember them and will forever be grateful for them reminding me to be present when I’m with the ones I love, regardless of the relationship. Life is unpredictable and you never know if you’ll have a next time or just a memory.

Brandy Lewis : 23-year-old with a 55-year-old soul, trapped in an 80-year-old body still trying to figure it out. Music Junkie. Wannabe fashionista. Enjoys sharing her handicap perks with her friends and family.