Letter To My 30-Year-Old Self : Kelsey Guthrie

Hands-Writing-Notebook-Journal-Concrete Photo : Alanna Bagladi

Hey Kels!

Is Seinfeld still in syndication? Please tell me people stopped using Facebook. What generation of iPhone was unveiled this year?

Look at you… The BIG THREE-ZERO! We must talk about Kels-o-ween… it’s not everyday you turn 30 on Halloween. Go big this year! Turning 30 is a big deal – a new decade. I hope you have an awesome costume picked up for a start the next chapter of our life. Celebrate this life, accomplishments in the past, your present relationships, and future plans.

If all your hard work paid off – you are reading this letter looking onto Rockefeller Plaza. Perhaps taking a break from writing a sketch for SNL or getting ready to head off to rehearsal for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. If so, I am beyond proud of you. WE MADE IT! This is EVERYTHING we wanted and more. Enjoy every stinking second of this time. Maybe this crazy life took us on another path and we are still living in the Chicago. No matter where we are right now always remember: mom and dad just wanted you to be happy. Are you happy? Take a moment and truly reflect upon that question.

Remember 23? “The Michael Jordan” year as many called it. Your goal was to travel. We loved the adrenaline that came from being a stranger in a foreign place. As of May 2015, you had visited twenty-eight states. As we flew home from Seattle, we told Grandma we were going to visit all fifty states. Has this been completed? Which was your favorite state? I hope you kept a journal or blogged about each location you visited. What is next? If it hasn’t happened already… international travel. Go see the world! You have a passport. Just a reminder, it expired June 2022. If you haven’t already, get off your butt and RENEW IT!

Now to our least favorite topic… boys & dating. During our awkward teenaged years we were shy and distant from ANYTHING that had to do with the male sex. Being a fabulous thirty year old, I have to ask… Are we dating? I hope we are. I hope we were able to open our heart to someone and not shy away from a romantic relationship. And if you are married… good for us girl! Mr. Kelsey Guthrie better be an upstanding guy, treat you with respect, and make you laugh.

Perhaps… there is a little ginger who called us ‘mom.’ Protect and love this child with all of your heart. Growing up at the Guthrie household, you were showered with unconditional love and laughter. As your child grows up, I hope you are able to have similar bonds with your child like you have with mom and dad.

Most importantly, as you enter this new decade of your life I hope you are able to achieve happiness. I hope you have been able to find happiness in the life that you live, cherish your friendships you have cultivated, and most importantly happiness within yourself. This is what truly matters. The twenties were a trying time, but let’s greet thirty with a big smile!

May the friendships you have be strong and true. I hope you have learned who your true friends are in this life. A person who does not value your time or friendship is not worth it. They will only hurt you in the end. Life has blessed us with some beautiful friendships. As we begin this new decade, I hope those individuals are still in our life today. You have such a kind caring soul and always take care of others. Which is totally fine, but MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! Do something Kelsey wants to do! Self-care is the key to being happy. This could be a yoga class, monthly massage, long bike ride, or just snuggling up on the couch reading a book. There are so many rewards of taking care of Kelsey: clearer mind, positive outlook on life, and overall happiness with our current life situation.

Dancing in the kitchen will always be mandatory. Hell, dance across the street every once and awhile. Search for peace driving around with the windows down listening to your favorite song and singing at the top of your lungs without a care in the world.

Crohn’s has brought obstacles to our life. Accept the dark moments, but after an hour or so remember this: you kicked it’s ass with grace, copious amounts of strength and a sense of humor. You are a FIGHTER!  If the menace should return, you have got everything you need to continue on and show it who is boss. We can do it!

Kels, stay true to yourself. Always find comfort in memories and the present. The future will figure itself out. No day, but today.

You are one special lady and we’ve come pretty damn far and still have a great distance to go. Keep working hard! Keep smiling!

WAIT one last thing… mashed potatoes and a nap is always the answer.

Que Sera Sera,


Age 23, 5/2015