My Feminist Epiphany

In the spring of 1991, under a Gemini Sun and a Virgo Moon, a super feminist was born. She had chubby baby rolls, curly brown locks, and elegant radical blood running through her veins…ready to take on the world.

Immediately, our young heroine reached out to find those like her and found some solace in what society had to offer her…Princesses. They were all around her in the Girls section of the toy store along with Malibu Barbie and Ken. But soon, trying to fit Cinderella’s slipper became too complicated, and she traded that in for running like Mulan throughout the house and diving off the couch like Pocahontas. Our young feminist would get into fights at school with boys about who should play Simba in a spontaneous playground rendition of the Lion King always won.

As she grew, she would be fighting them over more than the role of the protagonist; rather, it would be heated debates over political matters, and societal injustices. It gave her pride to be a feminist, a human being interested in the fight for rights for all. Though, soon she found that others did not react the same way to her new super identity. Many would recoil in contempt as if she was whispering a vulgarity to them rather than a part of her strong identity. Growing angry at what she believed was plain ignorance, she soon set out to preach to the world the good news of her feminism.

Soon, this too became tiresome. Always fighting, always on edge and looking for the wrong in others, always looking for a channel which to squeeze in her voice for the oppressed…this exhausted her. Our heroine felt the weight of the world’s injustices on her shoulders and felt helpless in scrolling through endless news headlines on the latest injustice to men and women alike. How was she to fix the world and make everyone think like her?!

Our young feminist’s “A-HA” moments came like a flash. She didn’t need to fix anyone…she didn’t need to belittle or berate anyone on how a “real feminist” lived and fought the good fight. Real feminists were everywhere, living different and fruitful lives in their own way. Some shaved, some didn’t; some wore bras and makeup, some freed the nipple and vowed to wear only leggings; some were men, some were women, some were gender-nonconforming; some liked princesses, some liked historical pioneers. Their passion for human equality tied them together.

Like an ex-missionary throwing away their holy book, our heroine remolded her way of thinking of the world. The weight was lifted, and she was able to toss out her imperialistic notion that all should think as she.  Rather than constantly fighting, she peered into the different views of feminism, and learned from other incredible people around her.

This neutrality became her true super power, and in the end, made her a stronger feminist.


Kathleen Katsikeas : Sober psychic yogi; Mother of Cats; lover of Riot Grrrl, Battle Star Galactica, bubble teas, and all things French.