Obvi Artist In Residence: Megan Convey

By:Megan Convey18106_3452514331233_1556403337_n

The main objective of my work, whether I have been aware of it or not, has always been to explore questions of gender, sexuality, identity and in many ways what it means to be a woman from my own perspective and personal experience.This is a practice that is constantly evolving and heavily influenced by my diverse and matriarchal family, my relationships with friends and partners, queer gender nonconforming culture, feminist literature, pop culture and of course my fellow artists and teachers. My work changes as I do and becomes richer with everyday of experience and each new piece of knowledge and understanding that I gain. I seek to speak for myself and others and hope to shed light on issues surrounding the themes mentioned above that are too often pushed aside or ignored entirely. We do not live in a post feminist era and it is our responsibility through our art, our words, our actions to make sure that all persons are able to live freely and equally.

I am Megan Convey: artist, feminist, yogi, lover, fighter, free spirited Irish Puerto Rican chick whose ginger carpet definitely matches the drapes.