About This Lady : Alison Burdick-Evenson

Ever read a piece on Obvi and thought, “It’s like this Lady is reading my mind!”?  We certainly have felt this way, and thought it would be beneficial for you, our readers, to get to know the ladies a little more personally.  Every Monday moving forward you’ll get a little more detailed “About This Lady.”  Get excited!

Alison Burdick
What’s your weirdest, useless skill?

I can whistle like a bird singing

 What is your go-to mid-night snack/comfort food?

Pasta, the creamier and cheesier, the better.

 Who is your celebrity crush?

Joseph Gorden Levitt

 What was your best Netflix binge?

Dawson’s Creek

 What is your biggest irrational (or rational) fear?

Falling up stairs and cracking my head at the wrong angle and dying… or falling off a curb and dying.

 What was your favorite high school extracurricular?

Art class. All of them.

 Tell us something you’re looking forward to in the next year?

Starting the life I’ve begun out in California – aka actually making friends here who “get” me

 Describe your perfect date?

A crazy adventure! Like pick me up with a large coffee (two creams, two sugars) and whisk me away to a sea cave or a mountain to climb.

 Who is the woman who inspires you most?

Two of them – my mother, who is a kick-ass teacher who takes care of everyone and somehow works out 5 times a week and my best friend Heather Chun who has been through more than any human being I’ve ever known and is still standing.

 What is your dream job?

Travel blogger

 When was a time you felt most complete?

I honestly don’t believe I’ve experienced that feeling yet.