Letter To My 30-Year-Old Self : Madelaine Walker

Hand-Writing-Notebook Photo: Alanna Bagladi

Hey there, beb!

I expect this letter to spur a nervous breakdown, but I assure you, it’s necessary. I want to make sure you’ve done some things, and if you haven’t, this should at least light a fire under your ass to get them done before you’re completely stuck.

To get the cliché things out of the way:

I hope you’re happy. I hope Mom, Dad, and Aaron are all still your best friends and you’ve seen them more than a few times this year.

I hope you like your job and I hope it really means something to you. This admin gig is great for now, but corporate life is not for you. I promise.

I hope you get to be around people who love and appreciate you on a daily basis.

I hope you love yourself even more than I love myself.

I hope you’re being good to your body and brain.

Other things you probably should have done by now:

Go back to East Africa, soak that shit up, and see some chimps in the wild. I’m serious about that last part. If you only go back once and the only primates you see are baboons, I’ll never forgive you. If you never go back, I will never forgive you.

Go back to school for something important, find a way to write as a major component of your job, and/or realize some weird hidden talent and figure out a way to make that work.

Find some sort of life companion or snuggle buddy. It can be a dog.

You should definitely have a dog by now.  And a tattoo – but it has to be a good one.

Maybe consider birthing a child IF you have enough money saved up (in case something horrible happens—humans are expensive) AND you’re a responsible person now. I bet you’d be a pretty cool mom and I know Sandy and John would make awesome grandparents.

I think that’s all. I feel like there should be more, but I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen in the next six months, let alone eight years, so it’s hard for me to get any more specific.

If you haven’t done any/all of these things, I guess I understand. People change. Shit happens. Just don’t be boring or bored. And try not to be sad.

You’re still young enough to change everything, so if you’re not where you want to be, please please do something about it.


I love you!

Mad :]

Madelaine Walker : Anthropology enthusiast, bookworm & couch potato. In search of a life I’ll be proud to recount in old age.