Letter To My 30-Year-Old Self : Autumn Jones

girl studying with books and macbook at a coffee shop Photo: Alanna Bagladi

Dear 30-year-old Autumn,

How do you start a letter like this? What’s up? What’s going on? What are the kids saying these days? It’s challenging to write a letter like this. There’s so much I want to say, but not advice. There’s so much I wonder about, but I don’t want to set any expectations.

Becoming 30 is becoming a lot more real now. I remember being younger and thinking I’d be this young forever.  Time would pass so slowly.  The summer vacations between each school year seemed to be 3 years instead of 3 months. Now summer passes so fast, it feels like 3 days. How fast does time pass when you’re 30?

So much changes in 8 years, so I’m not going to try to guess who you’re friends with, where you’re living, or whether you’re married or not.  The thing I’m more interested in doing is validating how far you’ve come, how much experience you have, and how hard you’ve worked.

I hope you remember high school and taking things way too seriously and then college where you learned to not take things so seriously.  Remember in 7th grade when you cried the whole day because one semester you got on the second highest honor roll instead of the highest one?  Good times.  I hope you remember the heartbreaks you had, but also the hearts you broke.  Remember when you couldn’t sleep all night because of that guy so you went to the beach to cry, because you thought you were really deep?  Yeah me too.  I hope that you remember at least some of those small magical moments that happen though out life that nobody else quite understands. 

I hope that as a 30-year-old you have changed a lot, but that you still love to dream and play and I hope the people around you have the same mentalities.

I hope that you have a lot of time to relax and cuddle in bed because it is scientifically proven that it’s a mood booster.  Or at least it should be by now.

I hope that you find love with whoever you choose, and that he makes you feel like you belong but that you’re beautifully different than every other woman in the world. 

Finally, I hope that you’re happy and that you’re not too hard on yourself.  I would say that I know you kind of well, and you can be hard on yourself.  Forgive yourself for being naive or thoughtless.  Forgive yourself for not doing the right thing at the right time.  And lastly, forgive yourself for not being perfect, because that’s the best thing about you!

Also one more thing, don’t forget to call Mom.  I bet she’d love to hear from you.



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