About This Lady : Sarah Maguire

Ever read a piece on Obvi and thought, “It’s like this Lady is reading my mind!”?  We certainly have felt this way, and thought it would be beneficial for you, our readers, to get to know the ladies a little more personally.  Every Monday moving forward y0u’ll get a little more detailed “About This Lady.”  Get excited!

What’s your weirdest, useless skill?

I can swim for a really long time. This would be useful if I ever was shipwrecked but I probably won’t be so that’s useless.

What was your favorite BuzzFeed list in the last 3 months?

Oh my goodness! Buzzfeed has become one of my favorite sites to be on now that I have started working full-time (file that under things not to say to a new boss). This isn’t Buzzfeed, but it is my favorite list from the last 3 months: The Hilarious Story Of Shane, The Walmart Deli Guy, Told Through Notes From His Boss

What is your go-to mid-night snack/comfort food?

My comfort food is pizza. When I am sad I eat pizza, when I am happy I eat pizza, when I am hungry I eat pizza, and when I am not hungry I eat pizza. For lunch today, I’m having pizza.

What was your best Netflix binge?

Law and Order: SVU and Orange Is The New Black

What is your biggest irrational (or rational) fear? 

Someone kidnapping me and torturing me (I watch too much Law and Order SVU late at night), and losing loved ones

Tell us something you’re looking forward to in the next year?

I’m moving from Chicago to North Carolina, starting a new job, and changing my whole life basically so I’m just looking forward to living and learning and making a new home.

Describe your perfect date?

Ordering in and watching my current favorite TV series

Who is the woman who inspires you most?

My mom

What was the last mind-blowing fact you learned or realized that shifted your worldview?

There are really no right and wrong answers for the route you take your life – there are just decisions. When you make a decision jump in completely, and commit to wherever you are in your life, or if you don’t like where you are – make a change. Any change can be a positive change.

What are you being for Halloween?

I was a Dragon Unicorn Princess – by the end of the night people were just calling me ‘imagination’ and I liked that