On Finding a Theme Song


Okay, first thing’s first: pick a theme song. A dear friend Ally McBeal introduced me to the concept of a theme song and my life has never been the same. Ally McBeal is a 1990s dramedy about a passionate, neurotic female lawyer on the quest for love. In Season 1 Episode 17, Ally, played by Calista Flockhart, is struggling after starting work at a new firm with not only her ex-true-love, but his wife. Ally starts seeing a loony therapist named Tracy by the recommendation of her good friend John. Tracy advises, “You need a theme song […] something you can play in your head to make you feel better. Theme songs are vital,” she continues later, “the whole thing about a theme song is that it needs to give you a lift when you walk down the street, it needs to be peppy, it needs to bounce.”

Here’s a little walk down memory lane, re-visiting old theme songs and introducing my new one:

“Live High”-Jason Mraz

Originally, my theme song was “Live High,” by the magnificently handsome Jason Mraz. The song isn’t peppy or fast, but it made me happy and it was incredibly relatable. It helped calm me down when I was going through some sad times.  It can still bring the most peaceful smile to my face.

“Roar”-Katy Perry

Later, my song became “Roar,” by my girl Katy Perry. I found that originally I connected to the chorus. I was traveling in Europe, literally living my dream and feeling like a champion every day. When I got back, I found myself relating more and more to the verses. Katy Perry sings, “I guess that I forgot I had a choice.” I had forgotten that I had the choice to be happy and proud and feel like a champion. I needed that song.

“I Wanna be Like Me”-Sara Bareillis

Now, though, I have new theme song, “I Wanna be Like Me,” by Sara Bareillis. It makes me dance. It makes me smile. Most importantly, it makes me remember that I do not have to apologize for any part of who I am. I have an idea of myself, and it’s not the same as anyone else, and that is okay. Right now is a time that I should not have to apologize for any part of who I am. “I was made to be exactly like me.” It is so hard not to compare myself to every other Sherry, Susan and Shonda when they are announcing their full-time job offers or fancy vacations or, I don’t know, new dogs. What they are doing and who they are may be fabulous, but it doesn’t make me any less fabulous. That’s what’s important.

Find a theme song. Find the song that would play while you walked to class or work or got ready in the morning if there was a movie made about your life. Find the song that encapsulates not only where you are right now in your life, but also where you want to be going.


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