So, What Even is This?

Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle Founder Laptop

As a 21-year-old American woman, I am at the beginning of the biggest transition of my life so far. The question, “So, what are your plans?” literally sends my brain into overdrive. I have no idea. I mean, does anyone, really? Our social-media culture has us smothered with information about everyone else’s success, leaving me feeling like I’m the only one who “doesn’t have her life together.” So I read “listicles” that I maybe relate to, and I dish to my girlfriends over boxed wine, but sometimes it all still leaves me completely and utterly lost.

I call myself a championsuperstarprincess. It’s a Mary Kate-ism, if you will. Lately, I have had so much time on my hands and have genuinely felt that I have lost touch with this powerful part of myself; arguably the most important part of myself.

This project is dedicated to young women who feel like they are losing touch with their “championsuperstarprincess-ness.” It’s dedicated women who need inspiration, motivation and optimism. I know I am coasting into the most freedom I have ever had, and rather than being fearful I should embrace this opportunity. And I’m not the only one.

I enlisted the help of some extremely talented women to create “Obvi, We’re the Ladies.” We will be documenting our experiences through this journey. It will be a place of sanctuary providing books, poetry, role models, blogs, television shows, movies, music and more to empower us together during this transition into “the real world.” It will be a place to share materials and experiences that remind us of the strong, independent and intelligent women that we are and that we want to be, while encouraging us to make the most of this otherwise ridiculous disaster of a time. Most importantly, it will be a place providing positive ideas and opinions without disparaging the opinions of another.  For me, it’s easy to fall into negativity or even apathy when things are so uncertain.  The mission of “Obvi, We’re the Ladies” is to use experiences and ideas that connect us to create a positive, empowered community throughout an extremely confusing time.


Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle Running and Nike Enthusiast. Mermaid Songbird. Tattooed Beauty. Striving to maintain positivity through uncertainty.